Over the last several years, wood decks have become more famous and are considered to be a very important addition nowadays to all residential homes with minimum safeguarding and maintenance, and thanks to appropriate timber care and treatments provide years or even decades of usage. 

Common Wooden Deck Problems 

Due to the apparent risk of deterioration and wearing off by being outside, the timber used in your decks is pressure treated on a regular basis with the use of a preservative. As a matter of fact, the timber being used for building your deck is a naturally durable and strong wood such as the western red cedar or redwood. 

Putting a supplementary finish to your wooden decks will decrease the issues of mildew growth, raised grain, and cracking. In addition to that, a penetrating finish put to your wooden decks provides improved optimum performance and is much easier to re-apply compared to a film-forming finish such as paint, solid-color stain. Aside from the incessant swelling and shrinking of your wood caused by the alterations in the content of the humidity, film-forming finishes are exposed to excessive wear-and-tear, more than in high-traffic places. For these several reasons, penetrating finishes are the much more preferable choice to be used on wooden decks and not the film-forming finishes. 

Wooden Deck Maintenance 

The dazzling wood shade on a weathered deck can actually be restored by applying several commercial products. Having said that, these commercial products are basically called deck cleaners, restorers or brighteners. These products don’t put color into your deck however, they get rid of the filth and mildew, allowing the wood’s natural color to highlighted. For more details about it, reach out to a qualified professional deck restoration Charlotte. 

When all the natural colors have already been leached from the front, the wood will actually look silver gray right after the cleaning up. Furthermore, those business-cleaning products can get rid of the weathered wood surface and as a result, care must be followed in order to prevent further damage of the wood surface. Violent scrubbing with the use of a caustic cleaner may eradicate the wood for the most part of the softer wood like western red cedar. Also, mildew can be eliminated with the use of a liquid domestic bleach. Combine the bleach with three parts of water as well as put in a little portion of a detergent. 

But, despite the truth that wooden decks need proper maintenance and care, they still make a good addition to all households. Properly cared for and maintained can make them look good and basically increase the property’s value. There’s no better place like a wooden deck to sit with a good book and have the time to relax. You can also have some nice view even more so if you’re lucky enough to have one. 

Wooden Deck Staining 

One of the largest issues with deck staining is because of too much application of the coating and most DIY enthusiasts and even some painting service providers make the errors of believing that by applying more coatings on that, the end outcome would be better.