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Home Improvement? Why Not Get a Back Porch?

Thinking of adding a bit of spice to your home and you have no idea where to start? Here’s a suggestion: get a Back Porch! It’s hard to appreciate one if you haven’t been in one yourself, in Boca Raton, most houses there have back porches because of their temperate weather. Here’s a couple of reasons why you should add a back porch to your beautiful home! 


Porches are often characterized as the main entrance of a home, it’s what we call the “Front Porch” If you’re considering getting this as well as the back porch, might as well disclose the benefits of having a front porch as well before I can go on with the idea of getting a relaxing Back Porch. 

Having a front porch can add extra security to your home. Other than that, this will also create a home-y welcoming feel to your place.  


Back Porches are very beneficial and here’s why:  


It increases the market/financial value of your house 

One of the reasons to renovate is to add market value to your home should you decide to sell it in the near future. We can’t deny that a Back Porch is definitely a luxurious addition to your home and undeniably a worth investment.  


The space is ideal for a lot of other purposes 

This extra room can serve as a living room, receiving or waiting area for parties, the party area itself, dinner date location and so much more. This versatile space is very ideal because you can use it in any event or circumstance that may come your way. 


Additional space for furniture 

Thinking of redesigning your interior and don’t know what to do with your old furniture? Throw them in the back porch, having extra comfortable indoor seating on a semi-outdoor place can be relaxing. It’s like enjoying the comfort of your own home with an outdoor vibe.  


Back Porches makes your house look bigger 

If you think your house is small, that’s all the more reason why you should add a porch to it, adding a porch doesn’t require major changes to the actual structure and design of your home. If the inside of your home feels cramped, then a porch can make it feel more welcoming. 


Enjoy the outdoors without being outdoors 

This is the general idea of a Porch is getting a wide view of the outdoors at the comfort of your own home. Without getting too uncomfortable outside since you’re shaded, an essential part of the porch are the windows and screens.  

As mentioned earlier, you can experience porches in Florida, in a city with temperate weather like Miami but with lesser crowds, that city is Boca Raton. Porches in Boca Raton are well constructed and maintained because of easy access and readily available services of pool cage enclosure Boca Raton and even the screens for your porch is one of the best businesses that provide these services is the Boca Raton Rescreening. Visit their site to find out what they can do to your newly built Porch! 


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Reasons Why it’s Better to Hire a Pro to Paint Your Walls

Quality Paint and Application adds life and creates vibrancy to your home. It also significantly changes the house’s appearance and increases the monetary value of its real estate. That is why it is very important that you hire someone specifically trained in the interior wall painting trade. Professionals would know the proper tools to use on a specific surface of a wall and how to make it look better despite non-cooperative environmental conditions since they do have an extensive background and has already trained specifically to do this type of job. 

While a lot of people would attempt to cut costs by doing the painting of their interior walls by themselves, there are a lot of factors to consider on why you should hire a pro painter instead. The difference between a professional’s work contrasted with someone who has basic knowledge of this skill is very visible on the after product. 

Here’s a couple of factors as to why it’s better to hire a pro painter: 

A Professional Painter can get the job done faster and more efficient 

Trying to paint by yourself may take you days or weeks, not to mention after painting you already tired yourself out. Hiring a professional painter not only finishes in just a couple of days, they also clean when their job is done. It’s guaranteed to be more efficient if you let a pro do the job. 

It doesn’t get in the way with your other activities 

If you do the painting on your own, you might take days off work or not watch over the kids, won’t be able to go out on a Friday night because you’ll be tiring yourself out next morning. Hiring a pro will not only finish your painting job fast, but it allows you to worry less on your other activities that might get cancelled if painting your house gets in the way.  

Specifically Trained and Experienced in their Field 

Pros already have advanced knowledge when it comes to painting. They already know what material goes best with which, what technique to use that would suit the style and can provide exceptional results when it comes to their finish product.  

They got all the equipment they need to paint your house 

Painters have a complete set of highquality brushes and other materials and equipment to provide a good quality painting job. If you opt for a “Do It Yourself” painting job, you will need to buy materials for it and you won’t even consider buying the high quality ones, you’ll just go for whatever is available and you have limited equipment.  

Licensure and Insurance 

You may not know this but some painters have a painting license to prove that they are indeed a master of their trade and they are also insured. 


Never settle for an “It’s ok” mindset. Always aim for the best. Your home is where your heart shows. With a Magog painter, you are assured of a great quality painting job. Visit their website at to view their service features. I’m sure after all of the reasons above you’ll consider hiring a Peintre Magog. 


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